Welcome to Delft Red

Human Interfaces to Computer Technologies

Modern computer simulation tools can provide valuable insight into the behaviour of machines, mechanisms, and even the human body in ways that are faster, more repeatable, and vastly cheaper than physical testing. But usually such high levels of specialist knowledge are required to use the most sophisticated simulation tools that these benefits remain out of reach for most companies. And that is where Delft Red provides solutions.

Delft Red makes sophisticated simulation software accessible for your design and technical experts, whatever their field of specialization. Your domain experts have years of experience in their chosen fields, and rarely have the time needed to develop the levels of expertise needed to get the most out of sophisticated simulation packages - even when it could open up whole new approaches to problem solving and deliver great efficiency improvements. Delft Red delivers the technology to guide your experts through even the most complex of simulation tasks by designing user interfaces dedicated to your specific problem area, and linking those interfaces to the most powerful simulation packages on the market. We work with a range of software tools, but specialise in biomechanical simulation using the market-leading MADYMO simulation software. MADYMO also is also the world leader in numerical human body models, allowing your experts to do detailed quantitative numerical investigations on the human body in many different fields:

  • Optimise the use and design of sport equipment
  • Investigate the causes, extent, and prevention of sporting and other injuries
  • Examine the likelihood and plausibility of accidents such as falls and traffic incidents
  • Put real science behind your medical applications such as prosthetics and orthotics

Our unique combination of biomechanical expertise, deep experience with numerical simulation, and flair for communicating technical complexities through logical, intelligent user interface design can bring powerful computer simulation to bear on your company's problems. How much more could your technologists achieve with the right synergy? Delft Red gives your experts access to the best in simulation technology.