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About Delft Red

Our Services

Delft Red provides structurally low cost biomechanical simulation capability to users who don't have a background in technical simulation. We combine customer specific software development with a value-added consulting service to make biomechanical simulation accessible to users who may be experts in their own domain, but not in the domain of numerical simulation.

We deliver the following services:

  • Identifying systems that are suitable for investigation with numerical modelling.
  • Creating a numerical model of a physical system, with a simple user interface to that model. Little or no knowledge of the numerical modelling code is required to manipulate the model.
  • Applying engineering experience to analyse a problem to identify which system parameters are best treated as variables.
  • Providing access to software that can carry out the numerical modelling.
  • Providing access to software that will allow appropriate post-processing to investigate the results of the simulation.
  • Provide software that will aid in analysing the meaning of the results, and setting those results out in an intelligible format.

Our People

We have more than ten years experience working on the leading edge of biomechanical computer simulations. Our experience covers road accident research, accident modelling, automotive engineering, graphical user interface design and software product design. In short, our simulation expertise covers everything you need to leverage your domain expertise.

Contact Delft Red if you would like to talk with us about how we can help you.